7 th International Symposium on Fire-Retardant Materials & Technologies

September 23-25, 2022. Beijing China

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The Second Call of ISFRMT 2022

The 7 th International Symposium on Fire-Retardant Materials & Technologies (ISFRMT 2022)  will be held in Beijing, China on September 23-25, 2022!  

With the rapid development of society and industry, fire safety has received extensive attention  of the government, industry and society in general. Fire-retardant materials are more and more  widely used in construction, automobile, electrics and electronics, aerospace, rail transportation,  vessels and watercrafts for national economic and social fields. The fire retardancy performances,  smoke toxicity and environmental impact have been further put forward higher request. At the same  time, the booming development of cutting-edge technologies such as new energy, 5G  communications, low carbon and big data has also brought new opportunities and challenges to the  fire retardancy field. Over the past 20 years, China's standard systems of fire-retardant materials  have gradually been in line with international ones, China has become large country for production  and consumption of fire retardant products with rapid development of the industry, and Chinese  scholars have made a series of innovative achievements in the field of fire retardant theory and  technology. Since 2010, ISFRMT international Conference has been successfully held in Chengdu,  Hefei, Changchun, Hangzhou and Qingdao six times. It has promoted active exchanges between  Chinese and foreign industry, academia and industry associations in the field of fire retardancy,  accelerated the scientific and technological progress and industrial application of fire-retardant  materials, and made important contributions to solving fire safety problems, becoming one of the  most influential international conferences in the global fire retardant field.

At present, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the rising price of chemicals have impacted the  industries involved with fire retardants and fire retarded materials, and adversely affected  international academic exchanges in the field. Hence, it is time to hold another ISFRMT  International Conference.

The 7 th ISFRMT will be hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology in Beijing, China in 2022. The  symposium themes include New fire retardant design, Bio-based/green fire retardancy, Fireretardant polymeric materials and composites, Smoke, toxicity & environment impact,  Standardization, regulation & assessment on fire retardancy, Fire retardant mechanisms and new  concepts, Combustion behaviors, modelling and prediction,Fire safety in new energy field,  Sustainable development and recycling of fire-retardant materials.

Looking forward to seeing the experts and scholars from industry, academia, industry associations,  testing laboratories and management departments in the field of fire retardancy in Beijing or online, during ISFRMT 2022.

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